Drive to Net Zero

Reducing embodied carbon

The race is on to achieve net zero buildings.

The key to decreasing the built environment’s impact on climate change is the reduction of carbon emissions. Environmentally friendly building materials help, but to achieve long-term benefits, the whole life cycle of a building must be taken into consideration.

In practice, Blackridge Primary School Nursery, designed as a Contractor Design Portion by Fleming in conjunction with Morrison Construction and their design team is an excellent example of how designers are getting closer to achieving net zero buildings. By specifying timber as the material of choice, it is calculated that embodied carbon has been reduced by 40%.

Our processes

We can help from the very beginning of the project. Whether it is a standard build, a glulam based structure or a passive project, we have a team with the knowledge and experience to guide and advise you through the process. We can give you a cost for your project along with technical and construction advice and our expert team of designers can put together a set of technical drawings which will enable our factory to manufacture your timber kit to precise specifications. Your kit will then be delivered to site and erected by a team of joiners and handed over to you after a full inspection by our contracts manager.

Benefits of Timber construction

Thermal insulation
Speed of build
Environmental impact
Cost efficiencies

Focussed specialist staff

We have always had a skilled team in Pre-Construction, Design and Site Operations that are well trained, qualified and forward thinking. However, in the drive to Net Zero Carbon we realised that this had to be developed to become even more focussed.

To this end, we now have a Zero Carbon Manager and Designer who are both excellent assets to an already qualified team.  

Our site management team and all our operatives have invested in ongoing training in Health and Safety with plant appropriate qualifications.

Many of our site teams are now qualified as a Certified Passivhaus Tradespersons, which is one of the highest international quality marks available to demonstrate competence in the field of low-energy construction.

Brian McConnell

Timber Structures Director

Paula Thompson

Technical Commercial Manager

Adam Gallacher

Contracts Manager

Paul Pattison

Project Manager

Ian Whyte

Design Manager

Gary Mcaffery

Project Manager

Declan Stephen

Project Manager

Paul Higgins

Quantity Surveyor