Bridge Street Depot


South Ayrshire Council





Bridge Street Depot, located in Girvan, now stands as a testament to cutting-edge energy efficiency, having been designed to operate as a net-zero energy facility.

This new structure replaces the previous accommodations and serves as the central hub for Grounds Maintenance, Waste Management, and Golf operations staff, offering state of the art welfare facilities, offices, and meeting rooms.

The council invested substantial effort in adopting a fabric-first approach, rooted in passivhaus principles, to meet stringent low energy requirements. We worked to supply structural solutions for the project’s walls and roof. A timber framework allowed the depot to achieve further carbon savings by utilising materials with a smaller footprint than typical building materials such as brick.

Alongside choice of materials, the holistic design, encompassing integrated systems, positions the Bridge Street Depot project to operate in a carbon negative manner, resulting in even more significant CO2 savings.